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Cause Posters
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Cause Posters

(Adobe InDesign)

Prompt: Create 3 posters of 3 different fonts from 3 different time periods. Write an article comparing and contrasting each one. 

I created three posters to create awareness for the problem of food waste in America. Everyone has the ability to end food waste but few people pay attention to their habits. When food is wasted, the money and water it took to grow and produce the food are also wasted. Millions of people in the world do not have access to fresh water or food but Americans waste these things on a regular basis. This is unacceptable. 

I targeted the demographics who have the ability to waste food. I grab the viewers’ attention by illustrating statistics and asking the viewers a direct question. “Would you waste this much?” I follow this opening with another statistic about all the needy people who could be helped with the amount that is wasted. I use emoji symbols to illustrate food waste ratios for two reasons.  Not only are emojis familiar symbols to younger audiences, but the simple icons also symbolize how ridiculous food waste is and how simple the solution is. At the bottom of each poster, I include a call to action to inform the viewer of specific ways to help end food waste. I used DIN, a clean narrow sans-serif font to communicate legitimacy and believability. I chose desaturated colors to mimic rotting food. I use bright orange banners and typography to cut through the desaturated colors and also to add a sense of urgency to the posters. I organized the information so that the message is clear regardless of how much time the viewer spends reading the poster. 


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