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Liz Crosby-QC-Final-Meets the Buckeye St

Quality Control Event Logo

October 2019--(Adobe Illustrator)

Prompt: Create a logo that evokes playful creativity while still maintaining dignity. Include the phrase "QC Meets the Buckeye State".

FT Precision makes custom precision machining parts for Honda. Our graphic design class was approached to design a logo for their tri-annual quality control event. The conference was about showcasing creative solutions for quality control, so I started by finding all the logos I would think of that seemed playful, creative, or energetic. I did not research car-manufacturer logos, because I was simply trying to understand what made some logos feel more energetic than others. Many logos had movement, but no professionalism. Some logos, like Toys R Us, seemed too childish. Other logos, like Intel, seemed to have movement and professionalism, but no excitement. I concluded that font style and text angle or direction are the major defining factors to create a sense of playfulness. The logos combine a sense of composure with lively placement. I use upright, sans-serif fonts to communicate professionalism, precision, and quality. The shape of Ohio was included in the design to articulate the location of the conference. In a few of the early drafts, I created order with rectilinear organization. However, I evoked playfulness and excitement by creating movement by arranging the letters on a curved line. One curved logo is reminiscent of a banner or flag while another evokes a creative paintbrush stroke. 

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