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(Adobe Illustrator)

Prompt: Create a 60" by 30" infographic about rape and sexual assault. Use the information provided by the Department of Justice 2014 special report.

Sexual assault is a major issue in America but too few individuals know the warning signs and risks. This large banner is designed to educate viewers, (particularly young college-age women) about the statistics and risks surrounding sexual assault. I use hierarchy to help the viewer navigate the visual space and find the information they are looking for and to help them understand what information they are seeing at any individual point. 

I use bright orange and yellow on a charcoal grey background to not only guide the viewer’s eye but to also create a dangerous and foreboding tone. Yellow and orange are the colors of caution tape and warning signs. I chose to orient the poster horizontally in order to create multiple vertical spaces and to allow the viewer’s eye to traverse the information faster. I took every opportunity to illustrate the statistics in order to show the information. They key to a strong infographic is audience comprehension. 


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