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Typography Posters
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Typography Posters

(Adobe InDesign)

Prompt: Create 3 posters of 3 different fonts from 3 different time periods. Write an article comparing and contrasting each one. 

Although serif fonts have been used for centuries, I wanted to select three radically different fonts to represent the radically different time periods that the fonts were used for. I wanted to create posters that simulated the type of environment that the fonts would have been found in. I used color to do this. All of my posters use blue and yellow. For example, on the Jenson poster, the yellow will be used to create the look of old parchment, whereas on the Chicago poster used yellow to imitate the subtle glow seen surrounding black letters on a low-res screen. Blue and yellow were also two of the colors included by Piet Mondrian, the famous DeStijl artist who my Acier font poster is modeled after. I also adhered to a grid layout with type all going the same direction because that is how these fonts would have been used in context. For example, although typographers were getting creative with grids from the 1950s onwards, the fonts used on an early MacIntosh computer were always in strait lines on the screen. They were functional, not experimental. 

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