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Personal Branding

(Adobe Illustrator)

Prompt: Create a logo for yourself. Make sure it represents your brand and design style. Be sure it can work in a variety of scales, colors, and contexts.

I seem to gravitate towards Mondrian for inspiration in much of my work. It seemed fitting to communicate this in my personal logo. The “L” symbol uses a monospaced font with round terminals that are divided up into pieces by extending the vertical and horizontal strokes of the letterform. The box with square and beveled corners serves to hold the space and cradle the “L”. It also represents that design is about rethinking the box, rather than thinking outside the box. 

This design went through many sketches before one idea was settled upon. I began by exploring how the letters “L”, “I”, and “Z” could be fit together using lines and shapes. This logo must be timeless, bold, unified, intricate, and reproducible with both single or multiple colors. Logos with reversed type to create negative space fascinated me. The final version of the logo creates a perfect balance between line thickness and negative space. It perfectly represents me as a designer. 


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