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Famous Design Movement Magazine Spread

I created a two-page magazine spread that copies the black and while embellishments of William Morris and the Kelmscott Press.

Adobe InDesign  -  March 2018  -  Style Replication Exercise

Design Statement

The Arts and Crafts Movement appeared during the mid to late 1800s in rebellion against the industrial revolution. Whereas machine printed books were gaining popularity, many designers started their own private presses in order to return to the old ways, hoping to preserve the craft. They believed that high-quality, hand crafted books were far superior to any dehumanized, mass-produced, and cheaply designed volume. William Morris's work was inspired by the illuminated texts of the middle ages. His style used hand-carved wood-block ink prints. In the spirit of Morris's work, I manipulated a photograph of Morris to look like a wood carving. I used the same border embelishments and company logo to complete the authentic look. The most important element was Morris's attention to detail. Like Morris, I paid special attention to the spacing between the elements particularly the margins and gutters. 

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